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Business loans of all types
 2nd mortgages, residential and commercial
construction loans


Wronsky Financial Services Inc. is owned and managed by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has  been in business for over 20 years.  


We act as referral sources and advisors for all types and sizes of business loans, usually made by non-bank sources. Interest rates are somewhat higher, but funding is quick.



We can refer you to different accounts receivable and inventory lenders.  The loan amounts for these loans are based solely on eligible accounts receivable and increase automatically without waiting for audited financial statements as banks require. 

We are also familiar with scientific research loans and financing for those loans.

We can refer you to lenders  who lend on your credit record only--no collateral is required. These loans are limited to

$125,00 in most cases. 

Our residential loans (first or second mortgage) typically are offered for one or two years. Payment terms can be interest only.

We usually do not require a formal appraisal ;we employ experienced real estate agents to establish value thereby avoiding appraisal costs and delays. In most instances we do not require personal credit reports.

Funding can be done in as little as 6 days from introduction.

Many borrowers use our second mortgage loans to repay high interest credit card loans.

We also deal with lenders who make construction loans for apartment buildings or warehouses.

We have a relationship with government agencies which make working capital loans and/or equipment loans

at a relatively low interest rate often without personal or corporate collateral.

Nous parlons français. Site en construction.



Our office is located at 6525 Decarie Blvd. Suite 208, corner Plamondon. Free parking in the rear.

Our telephone number is (514) 733-7277  (Extension 32 for Abe Wronsky)

Cell number (514) 996-6450

Fax number (514) 733-6560 (if you still have one)

Our e-mail is :

Abe Wronsky can be reached at any reasonable time for a quick consultation. Remember we have a Corona Virus problem in Montreal so a cell phone call is a good idea. 

Wronsky is a friendly guy (most of the time).


We have financed many situations over the years--companies whose loan has been called by the bank, companies who are contemplating making a proposal or bankruptcy, businesses looking for a financial (silent) partner.

On property loans, 60 day notices don't phase us.

At one time or another we have dealt with almost every law firm in the city.


There is absolutely no obligation.


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